1979 ABA Redline Summer Tour Program

ABA Redline Summer Tour schedule for 1979. Includes bike shop sponsors, highlight pictures, preface dedication by Bob Osborne.

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This gallery contains 18 photos.

  Ok, these sales appear to have started around 9-15 and somehow these guys don’t compete with eachother. They never have the same thing up at the same time. There are at least 4 sellers selling the same batch of … Continue reading

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The History of BMX

The History of BMX

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Interactive Issues: Bicycle Motocross Action – June 1978

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Repro Report: Oakley B-1B Grips

That’s right kiddo, the sickest Oakley’s since the 2 has become the most recent victim of corporate profiteering. I can hear them now, “Hey Biff, look what these old farts are paying for these grips on E-bay,” “Ya Mitch, deez guys got more money den brains, we should remake ‘em,  say they’re limited and we can charge 10 times our cost.” Thats using your head Biff, lets do this.

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Parting Shot: Bob and his Haro 1982

Bob Haro showing the 1st Generation Haro Freestyler. 1982 at the AMA Nationals in Chandler Arizona.

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When the first example of this frame surfaced in Nor-Cal owned by Jack Weingart it was an unknown brand and thought to be a homemade one of a kind.

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Moto Photos: BMXA August 1977


Source:  Interactive Bicycle Motocross Action – August 1977
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Parting Shot: VDC Gorila

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PARTING SHOT: Vintage BMX Sidehack

It doesn’t get anymore old school than this. circa 1974 BMX sidehack slide


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